Find your missing care tribes

Connect with like-minded people in your neighborhood, or with parents in your kids school or age group who can support you in-person or online.



A better way to connect

VEIL. Our pairing technology smart enough to consider your Values, Experiences, Interests and Lifestyles.



How it works

Once matched, you'll need to establish rapport organically. You can add people to your tribe, organizing them in lists like school PTO, soccer group, etcetera. When you need to fill a care task, post a request to a person, group, community or the entire village!

Members can book, trade or provide a range of care tasks:

  • Child care

  • Elder care
  • Personal care
  • Household care
  • Carpooling
  • Translation
  • Tutoring & Homework help
  • Communtiy-led activities & Classes

Send tokens of appreciation with our CARE$ tokens.



You're in control


Your safety is our utmost concern, this is why we've created a multi-layered self-vetting system to accomodate your individual needs.

Control who sees your family members profiles with our privacy settings. You can post care requests to:

  • A person
  • Your tribes
  • Your communities
  • The entire Abulé village!

By law, we require ID verification when members book or trade care tasks, and we'll handle that for you at the point of exchange. We also have an optional background check and place badges on profiles with completed checks. 

Think of who in your day to day life you would request a background check versus not.


Ready to find your missing care tribes?

Create an extended family with other members in your community and connect with parents with kids in the same school or age group as yours.