Our roots run deep! We hope you enjoy learning about our past, present and intentions for the future.

A public benefit corporation established in 2019, Abulé envisions a world where everyone feels heard, seen, valued and supported.

Our aim is to extend the role and value of community so that no one is left to care for themselves and their loved ones in isolation or overwhelm.



The foundation of a strong village must be built on solid principles and the principles that guide our Abulé care village are:


Our dialect is simple.
We speak togetherness.
Our culture is contagious.
We spread love.
Our totem is zebras.
We are strong.


Our values represent how we show up–for ourselves and others:

  • Awareness
  • Appreciation
  • Acceptance
  • Perseverance
  • Preservation

Things may change through the seasons of life, but we must continue to lead with gratitude, grace and grit.


Zebras symbolize the ethos of our community. A group of zebras (which is called a Dazzle!) is stronger than its prey.

We believe that there is strength in numbers. The black and white colors of the zebra reminds us that we can live in harmony with one other.

Logo story

Behind every great company is a great brand.
Behind every great brand are great people.
Behind every person is a unique story.

Our story represents each person's story.
Our collective stories are part of a greater narrative.

A hope for a better tomorrow!



A great vision must be followed by a clear action plan. Our social care logic model not only details out how we intend to execute, but it also highlights the significance of our roles as members of our society.

Establishing resilient communities requires each individual to make micro changes that would enable a broader network effect of shared care experiences.

Join us in shaping the future of care.